Refund Policy

Returns & Exchanges

Before checking out, please make sure that the correct product items/variants are in your cart. Once you check out, your order is considered final. Produkto does not allow refunds to protect our partners’ products.

Returns and exchanges are only allowed if an item is clearly flawed or damaged before shipping. Shipping costs will be shouldered by the customer.

Produkto has the right to deny returns and exchanges if the items do not meet our policy standards.

If the items are clearly damaged during transit, returns or exchanges will not be accommodated.

Produkto is not liable for any failure, delay, loss, and damage of the products while in transit.

Our shipping rates are inclusive of insurance up to Php500. If you wish to insure the whole package, you need to pay 1% of the total value or Php5 whichever is higher. Please e-mail us if you would like to buy the shipping insurance for the entire package.