Meet Neil & Marter.

A start-up fashion brand that aims to influence people in supporting slow and ethical fashion. We make handcrafted accessories by using offcuts of leathers and fabrics.

Neil & Marter co-owner, designers, and makers, Neil and Bon started the brand as environmental advocates with an ethical and sustainable platform and plastic-free packaging solutions.

    ( Genuine & Vegan Leather offcuts, Earrings made by Neil & Marter; Neil wearing the new design; Mimiyuuuh wearing Neil & Marter “Oblina” as seen in Rank Magazine’s Mastermind issue)

“As a social enterprise, we have a strong responsibility and dedication to uplifting local artisan, and empowering Filipinos through self-expression in Fashion.”

How it all started:

Fashion is one of the biggest contributors of waste but it also is one of the best ways to spread the message and awareness in environmental wellness; establishing sustainable living, protecting our natural resources, lessening pollutants and excessive waste. The idea of Neil & Marter started with Bon’s abundance of scrap materials coming from his Interior design background. Younger generations are now conscious of how fashion impacts a huge percentage of industrial waste on our planet.

That is how we thought of maximizing the use of oddments of textile altogether to create functional and wearable art. It led us to venture into this social enterprise that caters to modern and eco-conscious fashionistas who value the origin, and the process behind the brands and products they support.

Our #ProduktoPartner needs YOUR help.

Neil & Marter is crowdfunding and they have 28 days left. Their project is cause-driven and our goal is to create opportunities and to empower Filipinos. To lessen waste, to be the voice for an Ethical Fashion Movement, and to push sustainability to uplift Filipino Livelihood and to promote environmental wellness. Marikina is known for its quality and globally competitive shoes. Even hardships come, they’re still here and their craft doesn’t stop.

Let’s help each other out, stand up, and wear Marikina Made shoes & bags. Strut down the runway as we continue to move forward. Be one with us, as we collaborate with the shoe & bag masters in Marikina City and The Spark Project.


Neil & Marter will launch the Shoes and Bags designed by Neil & Marter and produced in collaboration with the artisans of Marikina City. 

Cattle’s Cradle

AmaraBag and Mule Shoes inspired by Tamaraw, a critically endangered species of buffalo which is endemic only to the Philippines.

MooBag and Mule Shoes inspired by Holstein Friesians, a dairy cattle.

Let’s help them raise funds to help uplift our local community of makers. Support their reward campaign at The Spark Project and pre-order Marikina Made quality Bags & Shoes that we designed for all gender. 25% of earnings from this campaign will be put towards helping the talented artisans in Marikina City that were affected by the recent typhoon.

Shop for a cause here: