Our Story

Get to know more about Produkto PH's story and advocacy.

Our Advocacy
Brand Accessibility & Digital Innovation
Reinvent Filipino Retail Industry
Quality Filipino-made Product Options for Local & Global Consumers
Give Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Who We Are

Founded by the creative founders of Gawang Kamay, Produkto PH is a Multivendor Filipino Marketplace of Filipino Ingenious Entrepreneurs. We aim to improve the retail state of creative entrepreneurs in the Philippines by being accessible to local and global market with the help of our platform. We want to give every local maker, artist, indigenous and local entrepreneurs a chance to showcase and market their businesses that represent our roots, culture, heritage and ingeniuty through their products. 

Being a creative entrepreneur is more of pursuing their passion by producing a craft that is made by heart, putting a higher price tag for their labor.

Independent artists and creative entrepreneurs primary problem is the inability to promote and showcase their craft that won’t cost them too much. Not everyone is techy-savvy and has the ability to market themselves given their limited budget.

Because of this, they tend to price their products higher because the demand is low, yet the quality is high which drives the fellow Filipinos away from patronizing local goods and prefer mass produced items.

Our Pivot Story

Produkto aims to curate local creative entrepreneurs who sell Filipino Ingenuity products that could be traditional, modern, or ethnical. 

Our initial plan is to create a well-planned retail store that will highly benefit micro-entrepreneurs. A space that can accommodate over 200 local artists to showcase and sell their products. Segmented, categorized and vibrant store to feature ethnical, traditional, handmade and sustainable products with affordable rent.

But due to the global pandemic, we’ve put our store plans on hold and is in the process of looking for a more feasible area that will be easily seen by our target market.

Our pivotal move? A Multi-vendor marketplace friendly system for chosen creative entrepreneurs to join Produkto’s online store beta that will be available in NCR and hopefully nationwide in the coming months.

How Every Brand Will Benefit From Us

A lot, actually.

Our vision is to be more than just a digital marketplace. What we want is to help brands build a connection with their target audience through their compelling stories of each product they make. Subtly capturing attention through their creativity and understanding the origin of their passion and purpose.

More Than Just A Retail Concept

While the e-commerce main objective is to help each brand earn and move products even while at home, we want to let the world know about the brand, the brainchild and how they did it by keeping our online platforms active daily through videos, interactive posts, promotions, online workshops and online summits that will not only benefit them but also the consumers to have a quality option of local goods.

Trusted By Leaders

Produkto is proud to be partners with industry leaders who share the same advocacy and passion in changing the Filipino Retail state and helping communities.

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